A Lamp Unto My Feet



E.D. Randall

How can I accept Jesus Christ in my life? That was a question that had rested on my mind for quite a period of time. Although I had been given an answer before, I was doubtful that I had been choosing the right words, let alone following a “correct” ritual. I knew for certain I had a firm reason why I wanted Christ to be an integral part of my life.

The day of my spiritual adoption into God’s family will always remain as a vivid memory to me. As a child of eight or nine years of age, the blessed event occurred on a hot summer day at church. My youth pastor sat beside me, and assisted me in my prayer. Jesus was now alive inside of me just as He was alive in Heaven. Little did I know I was expected to grow and mature in my spiritual walk. My daily reading of the Bible was inconsistent, seldom did I ever speak to God personally, and never did I ever seek any opportunity to know Him intimately. Why? I was young and immature with no spiritual guidance. Nevertheless, God was patient with me, and He remained beside me. I was in the seventh grade when my family and I settled in a Lutheran church. There I discovered a Confirmation class that I would attend weekly. This was a spiritual revelation for me as a young teenage Christian. Ready to transform my seed like faith (which was a mere belief in God and a basic knowledge of the Bible, as well as a shallow understanding of who He is) to a fig tree that bore good fruit, I was present at each and every class with eagerness and hope. In the beginning of this new journey, I was unfulfilled and very weak. My trust in God was not very secure, either. The purpose of Confirmation was to affirm the faith of a young believer. Through a deeper understanding of a triune God, I developed a firm grip on my Christian faith. During that time I discovered what it truly meant to be a Christian. Confirmation also opened up the Holy Word for me in ways that I never knew were even possible. A powerful example is the spiritual power of Communion. I had also obtained a deeper knowledge of Baptism. Knowledge of God’s almighty power gave me the hope I needed to continue with my spiritual journey. Overall, a deeper analysis in Christ is how Confirmation has led me to grow spiritually. I remember when my Confirmation ceremony and banquet came at the end of my second year. Fourteen years old and serious about my affirmation! My, was I excited for this new spiritual journey. This was such a beautiful and powerful milestone in my life; my joy nearly brought me to tears that evening.

Instead of the perfectly steady walk I had been looking forward to, my faith became very flaky. My interest in regular church attendance had vanished, and I was reluctant to spend time with Jesus except to my convenience. Ashamed of my unfaithfulness, I wondered if I had merely completed Confirmation. Thankfully, I was somehow filled with the Holy Spirit and my doubts had served as a revelation. God brought me down to my knees in prayer and reflection at a prayer labyrinth that had been hosted at my church. The feelings of guilt and pain were so overwhelming, tears were impossible to hold back. My sobs of emotional agony filled the entire room as my youth leader laid a hand on my shoulder while she gave me a blessing. The Lord had timed everything perfectly. He had used that very moment to show that my faith was in need of renewal. Not once has He ever lost hope in me. Since that very evening, I made a strong endeavor to connect with God daily. At first, it was a challenge, and yes there were times when the progress was slow. I fell many times, but I was always able to help myself up to my own feet and continue my walk.

Today I am proud to say that I am happy to be a woman of God. My faith and trust is in Him. He will instruct and guide me in the way I should go. I will follow His instruction and look to Him for wisdom. Lord, you are my comfort.



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