A Feminist Society


E.D. Randall


For many generations women did not have the right to vote or hold a job, own property, and neither would society see that marriage and motherhood were personal choices. Seeing that women were viewed as inferior to men; they were only useful to cook, clean, and have babies. But, throughout history women have fiercely fought to have the same rights as men. Equality for women today is a strong attribute to the feminists of the past. They paved the way for women to have choices and rights. However, over time feminists have decided to change the definition of equality through bitterness and anger towards men.

According to the American Heritage dictionary, the definition of feminism is: 1. a doctrine that advocates or demands the same rights granted men, as in political or economic status. 2. The movement in support of such a doctrine. First of all, what encompasses this definition of equality? More importantly, how do feminists view equality? Well, they have defined gender equality over the course of three separate waves. First wave feminism was the dawn of a new political and social doctrine. It was a women’s movement that began in the nineteenth century and ended in the early twentieth century. During that era, the purpose of feminism was actually quite liberating. Women were focused on gaining the right to vote and being treated like equals rather than property. A new movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s occurred when women began pushing for legal and social changes by demanding guarantees of equal treatment under the law and gender discrimination. Even though some changes encouraged women to take jobs and roles that they felt had been reserved for men, other feminists took the desire for more options a step further and became overly hostile to the traditional roles being played by questioning and sometimes fighting to undermine the concept of family. They saw men as enemies as opposed to recognizing them as equal partners. Second wave feminists also encouraged the sexual revolution. As it is now called, third wave feminism is a large and organized politically powerful entity influencing public policy on college campuses and in popular culture. While second wave feminism deals with the concerns of straight, white, and well off women. This new feminist movement focuses a great deal on the concerns of lesbians, minority women, and those living in poverty. Modern feminism has most unfortunately strayed away from its original mission- men and women deserve equal treatment under the law. Statistics and poll results reveal the number of people who consider themselves feminists or in support of feminism. A national survey by the Washington Post and Kaiser family finds 6 in 10 women and 1/3 of men to deem themselves feminists/strong feminists, with roughly 7 in 10 of each gender saying that the movement is empowering. However, 4 in 10 of Americans see the movement as angry, and say it is unfairly blames men for women’s challenges. According to this recent post, feminism has become widely favored, and viewed as a benefit to society. Also, in 2014 Washington Post conducted a questionnaire regarding feminism. There are a greater percentage of women who called themselves feminists and non-feminists, but this questionnaire results reveal that a high percentage of people wouldn’t describe feminism as angry, but empowering. Also, women in different age groups have various responses of their own. Feminism is apparently more popular and least frowned upon by younger women among the ages 18-34. More importantly, contemporary feminism has been defined by Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, and the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Feminist majority, and Ms. Magazine since 1963. And the politically correct reason is not about women’s equality. Rather, it is an agenda designed to benefit a special interest: women who follow the professional feminist idea of what a woman should want. According to feminists, women should desire to be viewed and treated exactly like men. The very fact that it is absolutely impossible for women to be interchangeable with men is what angers and embitters a feminist.

“Women need men like fish need bicycles.” Gloria Steinem declared. Basically, the world would be a better place without men is the message feminists give to society. To support the argument, every radical feminist chants: “I am woman hear me Roar! I am man hear me whimper!” It is a strong feminists dream to see a strong woman placed on a pedestal, while a man no longer has strength and power, and is viewed as the weaker sex. Unfortunately, that dream has come true. Women have become more domineering and now adopt the take charge approach in many dating relationships and marriages. Men allow themselves to be overruled and trodden on by their wives and girlfriends. There are many instances that display this work of feminism, such as a woman proposing marriage to her boyfriend or asking a man out on a date. Others include wives taking the role as the head of the household. In addition, radical feminists argue that an independent woman does not need a man to care, protect, cherish, or provide for her. Let alone, they believe that women are better off without men. Is that so? Why are women better off without men? Well, feminists have a number of reasons why they are anti-men: “oppression”, “lack” of equality, and fear of potential “rape.” Yes, feminists have made quite a few excuses for their bitter and dogmatic position. The facts are both genders are different form each other, and therefor will be treated differently. Also, they play different roles in society. Equal is most certainly not supposed to mean interchangeable. And feminists express such immense dislike towards the truth through hostility and resentment. Ironically, contemporary feminism is not about equality. Rather, it celebrates holding men in low esteem and lambasting traditional gender roles. Equality encompasses esteem and respect for both genders. Feminists use the term “equality” hypocritically, and to their own convenience. Thankfully, members of the internet organization, Women against Feminism, see modern feminism for what it truly is and how it has an adverse effect on the former conservative standards of society. In August 2014, an anonymous author posted an article discussing why she is anti-feminist. Unfortunately, many women are self-proclaimed anti-feminists since they frown upon traditionalism; similar to feminist thinking right? In their eyes, traditionalism is anti-equality. How can these women possibly call themselves anti-feminists? They can’t it is impossible. Well, the author explains this feminist based social structure as MRAs, Men’s Rights Activists. MRAs seem to see women with traditional values as gynocentric users of their poor hard working husbands, while feminists see us as submissive (idiots who are too dumb to seek our own interest). She doesn’t need to give her reader any further explanation. There isn’t any difference between men and women are completely interchangeable, except MRAs sugarcoat their words. Moreover, the author admits that she is a happy wife and mother, and her husband is happy to financially support her. (She is a very lucky lady). She resents working full time since it takes too much time from seeing her children, and she is confident it is the right choice for her. Unfortunately, her choice is frowned upon by members of society. Is staying at home to raise a child less valuable than a paying job? If raising a mature, responsible, intellectual, and successful individual the most difficult job, than which of the two reaps greater rewards? Well, the hard work and rewards of motherhood are greatly overlooked by society courtesy of sneers from feminists. The days when traditional households were widely accepted by society are long gone. During those days, a man bore the responsibility of providing for his family, while the wife stayed at home to run the household and care for the children. Only if the family had deep financial troubles would the wife make additional provisions. Today, two income households have become the norm, in other words, a husband expects his own wife to pull her own weight. A woman who expects her husband to provide for her is not dependent. She has high, but very reasonable expectations. After all, it is a man’s duty to take on the role as the provider. This is not a sign of sexism or inequality. Rather, this is a strong set of family values that needs to be preserved through all generations. Although women have a choice to hold a job or stay at home and raise a family, feminists have somehow managed to find a right and a wrong. It is also very obvious which of the two they find right and the other to be wrong. The very fact that a woman has a choice shows that she is an equal member of society. Her opinion matters and she has the right to voice it. Feminists are highly notorious for forcing their politically correct views on others. “Independent” feminists share and follow the same ideas that fit into one political agenda. Never do they choose to look at facts before they decisions for themselves. A truly independent woman is a woman who has received the best information available, and has the liberty to follow her heart and mind.

Radical feminists are highly notorious for devaluing marriage and motherhood. The feminist movement viewed marriage with suspicion, and some radical feminists called for women to boycott marriage entirely. A radical feminist organization: “The Feminist” restricted marriage for three reasons: 1. Marriage was inequitable, 2. Women were persecuted, 3. Rejection of the theory and practice of a radical feminist. It is mere propaganda. Feminists have faulty arguments and flawed reasoning for restricting marriage. Regardless, Robin Morgan, editor of Ms. Magazine sums it all up in one sentence: “We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.” Could the feminist view of marriage as oppressive and inequitable be the reason why marriage is being destroyed? Let’s see what Martin Daubney had to say on August 26, 2015. He raised a similar question: “Is Feminism Destroying the Institution of Marriage?” A boom in women is seeking divorces because their husbands “aren’t” doing enough chores when they are the ones who have the sole responsibility of completing every chore. A husband shouldn’t have the sole responsibility of completing every household chore. It isn’t his role to be a homemaker. Frustrated, Daubney wonders what a man is supposed to do. Excellent question, what is a man supposed to do? Well, how can they receive an answer when their wives are overly critical? By the way, a new survey reveals that women are now initiating 69 percent of all divorces increasingly so, claiming that their husbands don’t pull their own weight with childcare and housework. The report claims that women divorce their husbands because they’ve been inspired by second wave feminist thinking that claims that “marriage is inherently hostile to women.” Marriage is a healthy, holy, and happy covenant for monogamous couples. The root of all divorce is gender equality as many women claim. How is there a lack of gender equality in marriage? Before there’s an answer to that question, an American based study shows how couples meet and stay together. Researchers followed 2,262 adults aged 19-64 between 2009 and 2015, 371 couples and 92 divorced. Gender equality isn’t the root of all divorces as many divorced and divorcees claim. The truth is angry and feminist indoctrinated women are the cause for many divorces shown in these statistics. Although marriage is negatively perceived and the divorce rates are high, many young women still aspire to it. Women need to be assured that marriage is a very admirable goal associated with greater health, happiness, and financial security. Besides, the benefits of marriage also include more happiness and better mental health for genders, a good financial plan, and a better chance of avoiding poverty. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to see all doors open to women, and the number of choices is worth celebrating. But, having choices requires making choices. Just as a woman decides whether or not she wants to marry, she also makes a decision about becoming a mother; especially in the case of a career. Political or professional success requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Naturally, women bear children and traditionally serve as the primary caregivers. Feminists also enjoy pretending that women can have it all-work full time or become business owners without sacrificing time with their families. Reality reveals that feminists are politically incorrect. One area of life has to come at the expense of, or have impact on another. Furthermore, when women with children enter the workforce, they leave home and find alternate arrangements for caring for their children. The needs of an infant and a toddler are attended to by a daycare worker or another family member. School age children return to an empty house or stay in after school care. Feminists take delight in a mother’s absence. They see no value or ambition in motherhood. Contrary to popular belief, many women with children of their own say it is the best job they have ever held. Moreover, feminists recoil at the factual research suggesting that children with parents as primary caregivers are better off than those in full time daycare. Although both parents are primary caregivers to their children, it is conventional for the mother to stay at home and care for the children.

“The radical demand for androgyny and personal autonomy is irreconcilable with the need for different sex roles…” Kate O’ Beirne states in her book “Women Who Make the World Worse.” Exactly, different roles are suited for the opposite gender, and both genders need each other in order to flourish as a human race. Feminists refuse to believe women need men. God didn’t create man to be alone. He created men and women to keep one another company, to be equals, and to share intimacy with one another. God made men and women differently, because that is what He saw to be beautiful. For instance, God gave man stoicism and woman the ability to nurture. Which gender is the better equipped to defend this nation? Is a man or a woman better suited to be a pre-school teacher? Men and women can become leaders, but their occupations need to fit their roles. Now that is not to say that women can’t be CEO’s of companies or run their own businesses. Interestingly, a supporter of Women against Feminism reveals that feminism is not about equality. “Modern feminists refuse to admit that feminism is only one side of a two-sided coin of inequality. It advocates for the rights of one gender over another is sexist and unequal by nature. Isn’t this a liberating truth? Feminism is most certainly not about equality. They don’t have men’s best interests at heart. Is it sexist? No, because they expect to be seen and treated exactly like men. Yes, in many ways it is unequal. Their agenda is that women are superior to men. Feminists are only concerned with the rights and freedom of women. Men can be absent from the world for all they care. Another anti-feminist stated that she didn’t need modern feminism. She was her own advocate: smart, independent, competent, and confident. “I am perfectly capable of fighting for and obtaining my own equality… And I will do so with love, support, and encouragement of all the men in my life… especially my boyfriend who sees as my equal in all that I do.” Each gender pursues his or her own interests with contentment and satisfaction.

Dating standards have fallen drastically since the feminist movement has taken place. Their hostility to chivalry has been detrimental. Traditional dating and courtship have unfortunately disappeared for teenagers and people in their twenties. For decades, feminists have disparaged traditional roles in romantic relationships. Men who open doors and offer to pay are misogynists who objectify women and perpetuate “patriarchy.” It shouldn’t be a crime for a woman to desire a gentleman who cherishes her. Last but not least, feminists are most notorious for the sexual revolution. I am very grateful that women now have the freedom to enjoy sex without bringing any shame upon herself. However, women have lost the sexual revolution, and as a result have become mere disposable sex objects.

Finally feminism has achieved equality for women. But “equal rights” have evolved into more modern and destructive ideas.










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