In Praise Of Conservative Beliefs

by E.D. Randall

We are currently living in an age when conservative beliefs are being lambasted, scorned, and thrown aside. However, this is a dangerous practice for our current society. Conservative beliefs are very integral to the function of a proper society.

Unfortunately people have more modern ideas about marriage( such as the wife being the breadwinner), motherhood( which includes a father staying at home all day to care for the children), and social conduct all because they view conservative ideas as outdated. However, little do they know that having conservative beliefs comes with any benefits. Instead of trying to change the traditional views towards

marriage, motherhood, and social conduct, people need to see that these progressive views are a poor reflection of our society. Why should we change the traditional aspects of marriage which include the husband and wife holding on to their well-suited roles? Why should the role as mother be any different when it comes to raising children? Last but not least, why do people decide to become more lax about social conduct? Since people choose to change the traditional aspects of marriage it will lose its meaning. And if a mother’s role differs, then the purpose of motherhood will be defeated. Let alone, lowering the standards of social conduct allows us to have a have a lower sense of integrity. Overall, a lack of a conservative belief system will only prevent us from upholding a reputation as respectable individuals. Conservatism displays a strong favoring of traditional values that currently exist and should always continue to exist.

First of all, I am a huge proponent of traditional values and family values. On the contrary, it isn’t uncommon for people today to remark that it is highly outdated. Why should that matter? Isn’t a successfully thriving marriage and a child’s understanding of a family truly important? A traditional marriage represents the different roles men and women have in society. For instance, a man is the sole provider- it is his responsibility to provide for his family. It is the wife’s job to stay at home and take care of the house and the children. Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a licensed marriage and family therapist, uses an interesting metaphor to give insight into the reason why the different marriage roles are best suited for each gender. She states that men like to slay dragons while women like to protect the nest. Quite frankly, a woman should not financially support her entire family alone. Before you argue that this is no longer the 1950’s and women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, remember that I’m not saying that women can’t work period or should be enslaved. I’m only trying to provide you with some food for thought. According to Dr. Laura Schlesinger, a

husband who allows his wife to take on the role as the provider or refuses to accept responsibility as the sole provider is not a man, but merely a boy or a male. Basically, if we decide to reject that aspect of tradition, society will be full of weak men. Just think about how emasculating that is. Also, how would parents be able to raise their sons into strong and hardworking men? People seem to have no sense of family values, either. Illegitimate births serve as a primary example. Charlotte Hayes, author of “When Did White Trash Become The New Normal?” inquires about the reverse order of marriage and motherhood. She even posed this question in her own book: “What happened to marriage first and motherhood second?” That is an excellent question. Moreover, there was once a time when premarital conception led to marriage. Unfortunately, statistics show that illegitimate births have greatly increased in recent decades from 5% in 1960 to 32% in 1995. Further statistics also show that illegitimate births have increased from 1997 to 2008 by 32% to 41%. Apparently, co-habitingproprietystay-at-home-mothertwo-parent-family unions contribute to the trend of children being born outside of marriage. Between 2006 and 2010, 58% of babies were born to cohabiting parents. By the way, why has the approach towards illegitimate births changed? Frankly, a child deserves to be born between two married parents. Illegitimate children have unstable living arrangements, live in poverty, and have social and emotional problems. Also, children of unwed mothers are more likely to engage in sexual activity at a younger age, and have an illegitimate birth once they reach adolescence. As young adults, they will be idle(neither in college or holding a job), have a lower occupation status and income, and have troubled marriages and more divorces than children of married parents. A child of married parents will have a stronger and much closer family relationship, and the differences in the type of love will be shown to him or her. While, I’m still on the topic, let me say that I am in favor of stay-at-home mothers. I plan on being one, myself. Yes, I know and believe that it is a woman’s choice whether to be a mother or hold a job. A woman who has chosen to be a mother should not sacrifice her child for the sake of a career. Yes, you might want to argue for the second time that this is no longer the 1950’s, and say that stay-at-home mothers are highly outdated. It shouldn’t matter that being a stay-at-home mother is an old-fashioned principle. Instead, it should be highly valued as opposed to being frowned upon. A full-time mother benefits a child’s upbringing. A child will never know a mother’s love or care, let alone expect proper discipline if his or her mother is not very present at home.

Furthermore, standards are a representation of what a person believes in and his or her personal character. Society as a whole does share a set of standards, too. There was once a time when social conduct was hugely important, but tradition is now frowned upon. Traditional values and social conduct contribute to a person’s moral character, in a way. Also, standards should be maintained not lowered. Change is not always the best idea. Conservative beliefs contribute to a society that

has a proper and respectable reputation.

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