Good News For A Starving Author

Good afternoon, this week has been a good week. I know that the Good Lord has opened doors for me, and I hope that He doesn’t close any one of them. However, all that He does is for my benefit and well being, not to serve my pleasures. He gives me what I want and need in alignment with His will. He has my best interest at heart.

Let me begin with a completion of a Directional Bible study, and the start of a new one.

I have a job interview as a tutor.

I ate a birthday lunch at Habit Burger with two budding friends of mine.

One of my budding friends invited me to an event at Lynn University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

I may be attending aWorship night this November.

Opportunities for me to grow and flourish. One step at a time.



Book Review: Sexy Girls

Title: Sexy Girls: How Hot Is Too Hot?

Author: Hayley DiMarco

Publisher: Fleming H. Revell( a division of Baker Publishing Group)

Publication date: October 2006

Length: 153 pages

Source: Amazon

Publisher’s Summary:

“If It Ain’t On The Menu, Keep It Covered Up!”

Let’s get real. You wanna look good. If you’re like most girls, you want the attention of  the opposite sex. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that looking sexy is supposedly key to being today’s “it” girl.

But have you stopped to consider that you’re advertising with every outfit you put on? It’s all marketing. Your clothes tell the world(including those visual creatures called guys) just who you think you are.

Just because skin is in doesn’t mean you have to let it all hang out to look great. Sexy Girls is all about helping you understand your body and how guys look at it. (And they are looking!) It explores why God cares about what’s in your closet and helps you make good decisions on style that will keep you, your parents, and God all satisfied.

My thoughts: Biblically sound advice for a teenage girl. This book will guide every young lady on a honorable, sexually pure, and decent path to a stronger relationship with Christ. Bare midriffs, low rise pants, and belly button rings are irrestible to teenage girls. Any article of clothing to enhance their sex appeal. Especially when it is “sexy” and in fashion.

Without any understanding of their sexuality, the ramifications of their porr clothing decisions, and how they are viewed by the opposite sex, many young girls run into arguments with their parents and have many confusing disagreements with their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. In her honest and very informal style of writing, DiMarco helps girls understand their bodies and how they are sexual creatures, the male perspective on female sexuality while providing biblical insight. I remember when I read first read this book at the age of fourteen, without realizing just how much I had to learn.

This is a perfect candidate for a Bible study or book discussion. I would be more than happy to have a Bible study on Sexy Girls or start



Upcoming Book Review: The Mingling of Souls

Title: The Mingling Of Souls: God’s Design for Love, Marriage, Sex, and, Redemption

Author: Matt Chandler

Length: 240 pages

Publisher: David C. Cook

Source: Recommendation from a sister in Christ.

Just last night, I was on my way to Bible study in my carpool when my two sisters in Christ and I were having a biblical discussion about dating and marriage. I must say that it was very refreshing. The driver mentioned a book she was currently reading, and I decided I would take a look at it. Well, what do you know? I have found a new book worth reading. Especially on a topic that I find exciting and hopefully an occurrence for me in the near future- marriage and dating.




21 Candles

Today is my 21st birthday, and this has been a long awaited day for me. Quite frankly, I don’t even know how to respond to this transition. I am very excited; make no mistake about that. Oh yes, I anticipate a family celebration and a special birthday outing with my friends. After all, a woman only turns twenty-one once.

Twenty one candles will sit on my birthday cake, twenty one years have passed, and twenty one wishes will be made. However, I will not be living a fantasy but an adult reality. I still have goals from the previous year that still have yet to be accomplished. It was my best of intentions to accomplish at least majority of them before the time of my birthday. Disappointing? Yes. Am I waiting on my Heavenly Father? Yes. My twenties will not continue as planned. They will continue as God has planned. It is in my prayers that He gives me the serenity to accept all that I cannot change, I am to fulfill His purpose for me, and that who I am will never change. Today is a day for joy, laughter, and excitement.

May God bless all who are turning twenty or twenty one this very year! May He fill you with His peace, love, grace, and mercy as you embark on your twenties. I have 21 years and I am still counting.

20 Years and Beyond

Today is the day where I share my written testimony of my own life within just one year. As many of my readers already know, I am a twenty year old woman who is an avid reader, aspiring author, and a beloved daughter of Jesus Christ. I have also previously given references to my other interests, pursuits, and sometimes my own thoughts and personal feelings. But, never have I opened my heart and bore my soul to any of you. I wish I could speak to you face to face instead of typing these words on a computer screen.

20, my first year in my twenties, nearly the prime of my adult life, and just one year behind a great milestone. My expectations were high, and unfortunately not many of them were met. I will always remember the excitement that flooded my insides as I waited for the day that I would be able to announce myself in my twenties. It was just last summer. A summer spent trying to finally get published. looking for apartments, trying to decide on a profession, planning my life as an autodidact, and making big plans for just one year. For the first time, in two years I was going to actually feel like an adult. For those of you who are past the age eighteen, I am sure you remember the frustration with parents and siblings for not treating you like an adult, let alone acknowledging you as one, the uncertainty of your adulthood, and last but not least the newness of being an adult and the time it took to adjust. I will admit that I did not feel lie a grown up, I felt very much like a child for many reasons. All the sane, I didn’t remain stagnant in my childhood or immaturity. Rather, I viewed this as a time to grow and mature, and establish myself in my adulthood. By the time I reached twenty, I wanted to have my life under control. And guess what? I did have my life have under control. I made very effort I could to achieve all of my goals and dreams for that year. Unfortunately….

What I Wanted From Life At Age Twenty:

  1. My own apartment
  2. A job
  3. Success as an autodidact
  4. My outside study resources
  5. Audit/Credit courses
  6. Writing classes
  7. Bible college classes
  8. Fun classes
  9. Friends
  10. A boyfriend
  11. To travel
  12. Frequent outings
  13. Luxuries
  14. Many volunteer opportunities
  15. A Birthday party celebration
  16. To attend parties
  17. To start a Juvenile Justice Ministry
  18. To reach out to troubled teens
  19. To join the Big Sister Program
  20. To gain a tremendous amount of life experience
  21. To attend driving school
  22. To get more involved at church
  23. More adventure
  24. Recognition
  25. Credit
  26. Support
  27. Understanding
  28. New skills/talents
  29. Status as a published writer
  30. Gigs
  31. To be more well rounded
  32. To launch myself as public speaker
  33. To monetize my blog
  34. To eagerly plan my 21st birthday
  35. To hoist parties, events, etc.
  36. To get involved in my community

Overall, a better life for myself. The reality of this is so few of my plans have been accomplished. It was a huge disappointment for me, I will admit, but all the same my relationship with God the Father didn’t cease. A lot has happened in ways that are unimaginable. Ways that I can’t even explain. I know that this was test of my faith. Did I really trust God? How faithful was I to Him? I must say that each and every situation must speak for itself. Yes, there were times when I worried, doubted, failed, and despaired. When will I go out of Egypt and into the Promised Land? was a question I asked myself. I placed my trust in God’s promises. I knew that He had a glorious plan for me. In the midst of my Expectation Hangover, I found joy in everyday life. Thank you God, for a wonderful year filled with your love, joy, peace, blessings, my hard work, your will, and all of the great memories I have made. Tomorrow, is my twenty first birthday, and I am excited for this new season in life. My testimony is not complete. I have said so little, when there is much to be said. Walk with me as i continue to tell my story. Remeber, you were only given a n introduction.


Labor Read Day

Happy Labor Day to all of my fellow readers! I know many of you adults will return to work until tomorrow, while children will spend today sleeping late, visiting friends, and amusing themselves.Well, this Labor Day was not a free day for me. I have too many responsibilities to attend to at this time. I may have a potential job opportunity at my church office. It will be in my prayers that there is an open position for me to fill.

While we are on the topic of work, I hope many of you have read my previous blog post, and saw that I am now accepting book review requests. In the meantime, allow me to announce that I may become a book reviewer for Tyndale. Also, I have two books that I am reading and preparing to write reviews on.

  1. About That Man by Sherryl Woods- A book that I am reading solely for pure enjoyment.
  2. An Engagement In Seattle by Debbie Macomber- This book has been self assigned. I am preparing myself for a real job as a book reviewer by giving myself a book to read and review. However, I need to set a deadline for this review. I must remember that as a professional book reviewer, I must adhere to given deadlines.



Book Order Reader

Happy Tuesday, my fellow readers.The second day of a typical work week for grown ups, the first day of school for children. Summer is coming to an end. My, I could kick myself for not recommending any good summer oriented books. My apologies for that. All the same, I will be more than happy to accept any book review requests. Allow me to explain how this new system of mine operates.

First of all, you may request a book under any of the following genres/subgenres: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Detective/Police fiction, Inspirational/Motivational, Realistic fiction, Women’s fiction, Christian fiction, Christian nonfiction, History, Literature, Historical fiction, Amish fiction, Biographies, Memoirs, Christian romance, Literary fiction, Self help, True Crime, and etc. Yes, I am always willing to explore a new genre. So don’t hesitate to request a book that is not listed under any genre above. However, I cannot accept offers to review LGBTQ, Demonology, Erotic Romance, or Pornography, Upon receiving your request, I will preview the book for its content before I decide to review it. If you wish to learn more about my requirements for content material please click on my contact page and you will see the email address at which you will be able to contact me.

Secondly, I will be more than happy to accept new books written by new authors. You may make your request before or after the publication date of your book.

Thirdly, a book review will be posted two weeks upon receiving your request. I can only review one book at a time. However, I can accept multiple requests at one time, although I can only attend to one book at a time.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.