Book review for Christy and Todd: The Baby Years Bk. 2: Salty Kisses

Title: Christy and Todd: The Baby Years Bk. 2 Salty Kisses

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Release date: April 3, 2017

Publisher: Robin’s Nest Productions, Inc.

Page count: 278

Genre: Christian fiction

Source: Library loan

I disclaim the following summary

Summary: Christy is elated when her best friend and favorite redhead arrives in Newport Beach. The reason for Katie’s journey from Kenya is complicated, but that doesn’t stop the two Peculiar Treasures from hoping for lots of of memorable catch up time.

Their plans keep getting altered and Christy can tell something is wrong. Katie isn’t herself. Add to that the ongoing demands Christy feels as the mother of a toddler along with her husband’s determination to not cancel their vacation plans. Nothing seems as it should.

The circumstances shift. Katie’s husband, Eli, arrives and the Surfin’ Safari plans are back on. Gussie the Bussie is ready for the trek up to the coast of Glenbroke, Oregon, with a stop along the way to see Sierra and her husband, Jordan. The reunions continue as they spend sun-filled days with Doug and Tracy, Alissa and Christy’s brother, David.

Why is that Christy’s heart feels so unsettled? It’s not because of the challenges of traveling and camping with a little one. It’s not because they left Eli and Katie in Newport Beach awaiting their return. It’s the realization that everyone she knows has changed. What does friendship mean in the season of life?

Christy finds out as she celebrates her twenty-ninth birthday with her true friend followed by a string of hellos, good-byes, and many God-blessed salty kisses.

My thoughts:

The Forever Friends made it through their challenging high school years, experienced the great joy early adulthood brings during their college years, promised one another until death do they part and now….

The Baby Years. Christy and Todd are both the proud parents of a toddler named Hana Juliet Spencer. After episodes of nausea, cravings, fatigue, movements within the womb, discomfort, and great labor pains- Christy has brought forth a Peculiar Treasure. My credit goes towards Gunn as she portrays a strong, healthy Christian marriage that undergoes the change of becoming new parents. Rather than creating a ideal of fantasy of motherhood, readers are given a a dose of reality.  Toddler tears and tantrums, and family duties are all apart of a new season of life.

Blessings to Christy’s friends as they experience God’s goodness to them. May the good Lord Jesus shower Robin Jones Gunn with much love, hugs, and salty kisses as her writing schedule keeps her on her sandy toes.

I am very excited to read her final installment in the Baby Years: Sunset Lullaby.

Self Education: A Worthy Goal

As some of you may already know(if you have read my About page), I am an autodidact. Since I was in need of more direction, I decided to read The Well Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer, and I find it to be very instructive and informative. Besides, I am learning from somebody else who is an autodidact.

In place of a college degree, I choose self study for personal reasons of my own. A person must earn an education with or without a college degree. How can a person become enriched and make the most keen observations of the world around him without an education? I am not opposed to a college education at all. In fact, college degrees are very useful in this competitive job market. Yet, on the contrary there are some jobs that don’t require a college degree. Self employment is definitely an option. Allow me to address the common arguments against self education. “You are not going to get a job without a college degree or You need a degree to make yourself marketable.” “Self education is stupid, You will only come up short, or you need a teacher to enable you to maintain discipline.” Although these arguments are subject to be weighed in, people often take a very dogmatic and judgmental approach towards the matter. Now, that is not to say that differences of opinion are unwelcome to me. How about look at the other side and see how it will reap great benefits.

I have also heard the argument that self education cannot lead anyone to being self made, but Bill Gates was only one example, and that his success was only fit for a different era. Is that so? Can a person not use his intellect, ingenuity or originality in any and every era? Intellect is timeless. An autodidact is a individual of the mind. Individuals of the mind have much to contribute to society. They are always learning and always developing.

Great Expectations for a Starving Author

Today, I bring good news to all of my followers.

First of all, I now have the wonderful opportunity to read the second book in Christy and Todd: The Baby Years. Expect a book review posted shortly.

Now, I am writing a book review on “Who Told You Were Naked?” by William E. Combs for Online Book

A professional author and website host for Business Ghost read over my manuscript with the response that I had a lovely start. Unfortunately, I am unable to pay an editor at this time. I hope to receive a referral from him.

I am expecting more opportunities to get published.



The Day in a Life Of A Reader

Another Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Discounts at department stores, memorial day services, and barbecues. If only, I was able to participate in at least one of the following activities. A barbecue was hosted by a family who attends church with me, and I wasn’t able to attend. Was it a disappointment? Absolutely. If only my personal life was less monotonous. By the way, I was able to think unselfishly about the many soldiers who sacrificed their lives to grant me the freedom that I so value today. Freedom is not free, it must come at a price. Anyway, I spent my weekend devouring leisure fiction.

This past weekend I read the following

  1. The Phantom of The Opera by Gaston Leroux
  2. A House Divided by Kimberla Lawson Roby
  3. Navy Baby by Debbie macomber

Currently I am reading:

  1. Oedipus Rex by Sophocles
  2. Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World by Craig Groeschel(Courtesy of my pastor)
  3. Fervent by Priscilla Shier(Incorporated in my Bible studies/ morning reflections)
  4. The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee( Another book that I have incorporated in my Bible studies and morning reflections)
  5. Directions by Jeff Adams- My core Bible study book



Life changing Read

In order to experience some of life’s changes, a person must learn from another. One of the best ways to learn from another is to read. In this case, I am referring to life and the outside world, as well as how the individual is affected by those circumstances.

I, a twenty year old adult, have much to sat on this matter. Allow me to use my quarter life crisis as an example of how I was affected by life and the outside world. I’m also going to explore how I experienced a change in life by learning from somebody else. This person also happened to be a life coach and an author.

As I was approaching my twentieth birthday, I anticipated the much desired and appealing aspects that accompany the twenties. My plans were all laid out. Twenty was going to be one of the best years of my adult life, after eighteen and just before the milestone age if twenty-one. Unfortunately, my plans fell through, and my life took a very different direction. There were moments when doubt would whisper in my ear or I would despair. Overall, I was determined. I had a dream. Yet, I needed reassurance and relatability. Christine Hassler was the lady who met those two needs of mine. Many others between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine shares similar feelings and experiences, too. 20 Something Manifesto: Quarter Lifers Speak Out About What They Are, What They Want, and How To Get It is a recommended book for everybody in his or her twenties. Pleas read my previous post which is under the same title, for a minimal background of the book itself. Anyway, this book changed my attitude and perspective about adult life in numerous ways. It was enlightening for me to see other adults ride the same boat me. 


Book review: Christy and Todd: The Baby Years Sandy Toes

Title: Sandy Toes

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Publisher/Publication Date: Robin’s Nest Productions, Inc November 25, 2016

Length: 286

Source: Library loan

I am a disclaimer of the summary

Summary: A new season begins for Christy and Todd with a pregnancy test and a disillusioning visit to the doctor. As they try to catch their balance, Todd’s new job swerves in a new direction; Aunt Marti overdoes her self-assigned role of preparing for the family’s addition to come; and Christy’s parents face surprising changes that might take them back to Wisconsin.

Christy misses Katie more than ever, and just when she thinks life will slow down, Alissa’s daughter, Shawna, comes to visit with all her preteen charms and challenges with her. A mixture of excitement and anxiety carries Christy through all the baby bumps. Her hopes and dreams are as many as the grains of sand that cover her sandy toes after sunset walks on the beach with Todd. Christy knows that everything is about to change when she steps into one of the great mysteries of life- motherhood.

My thoughts: Praise for Sandy Toes! This is perhaps one of my favorite books that Robin Jones Gunn has ever written. Now, who would have thought Christina Juliet Miller Spencer to ever become a mother. Truth be told, I have been waiting for Gunn to narrarate this milestone for far too long. Life with Christy Miller has been joyful and spiritually enlightening as I ventured through her adolescent years, young adult years, and married years. A forever friend, an evolving character.

The best part of this book was the nine month journey of physical and emotiobal changes that God allows to accompany a pregnancy. However, I personally believed Gunn strode through Christy’s conception of her first born a little too quickly. Nevertleless, Christy and Todd’s newfound responsibilities highlight their maturity as a strong Christian couple. Never do they shy away from lifes changes rather they place their faith and trust in the Almighty God.

Let Me Tell You A Story About A Couple Who Are Both Parents To Be

I have the most exciting news to tell you all. I finally am about to read the first book in popular Christian author, Robin Jones Gunn’s new series: Christy and Todd: The Baby Years. Yes, I finally get to delight in the joys of expectant motherhood with Christy Spencer. I will be receiving the book from my local library this Saturday. Believe me, I will devour that book.