Stories for The Young At Heart

Sometimes I smile with sadness and delight as I remember all of the books I have read as a child. I was once of an age when I could read these books without stunting myself intellectually. Yet, I will never outgrow the pleasure I have derived form reading nay of these books. In fact, I will gladly reread and review these books. Let us all recapture the memories of youth, innocence, and imagination.

  1. The Harry Potter series- How can this be a children’s book when it appeals to everyone of all ages?
  2. The Little House On The Prairie series- Laura Ingalls Wilder- Must I add that I strongly recommend reading the Martha Morse, Charlotte Lewis, Caroline Quiner, and  Rose Wilder series? The lives of her family are just as interesting
  3. Robert McClosky
  4. Beverly Cleary_ Life with Ramona Quimby was never dull
  5. Little Bear by Maurice Sendak
  6. Walt Disney book collection
  7. The American Girl series_ A fun introduction to American history
  8. Girls of Many Lands series American Girl
  9. The Droon series by Tony Abbott
  10. The Royal Diaries sderies
  11. Dear America series
  12. The Misadventures of Maude March by Audrey Coulombis
  13. Maude March on The Run- Audrey Columbis
  14. Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
  15. The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson

II would be more than happy to accpt any book review requests from anybody. IIt is a shame to see an absence of books ina child’s life, particularly in this digital age. I will be more than happy to encourage children to turn off their televisions video games,a nd ipads, and open a good book. A book in print that is. To all adults, may you be filled with warm and delightful memories.

Book Reviews: Chasing Elephants: Wrestling With The Gray Areas of Life and Doing The Right Thing

Titles: Chasing Elephants: Wrestling With The Gray Areas of Life and Doing The Right Thing: Making Moral Choices in A World Full of Options

Authors: Brent Crowe and Scott B. rae

Length: 180 pages;

Publishers: NavPress, Zondervan

Publication dates: 2010, November 26, 103

Genres: Christian nonfiction

I just came across these two books while I was reading an article from Focus On The Family which I will write a review for my next post. For those of us who are confused about what is right and what is wrong in the midst of different opinions, remember that we must let tbe Holy Spirit guide us from within. Yes, even as Christians we often stand on opposite sides of many matters. All the same, we obey one God and submit to His way. I am unable to explain why each spiritual walk is different.  Why some values are oftentimes debatable? Why aren’t there always absolutes in the Christian community? After all, there no exceptions to any of God’s teachings.


Book Review: Sin of a Woman

Title: Sin Of A Woman A Reverend Curtis Black novel

Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby

Length: 312

Source: Library loan

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing/Hatchette Group

Release date: June 2017

I am a disclaimer of the summary

Summary: After her very public divorce from Dillon, Raven Black is recovering nicely. Dillon has done everything he can to discredit her, but Raven has learned from her mistakes and him. In fact, she’s intent on using every bit of Dillon’s revenge and betrayal, as she prepares to take what is hers and more. Her ambitions have never been so great , and Raven always knows how to get what she wants. She also won’t allow nothing or anyone to get in her way.

She has become her ex husband in more ways than one and is slowly leading those connected to her down a terrible path of destruction. But playing with the lives of innocent people has dire consequences-the kind that Raven won’t see coming. Raven, of all people, should know that what happens in the dark will eventually come to light… and there’s only so far you can run before your past catches up to you.

My thoughts: Kimberla Lawson Roby is at her moment of success again! The Reverend Curtis Black series are very hard to deny. After each and every book you finish, you just can’t wait to read another. That reminds me, I need to write her an email and request another book in the series. I am excited for another adventure into the lives of the Black family.

Raven is perhaps one of the most conniving and deceitful characters in the series besides Dillon. And to think that she has cut herself off from sin and temptation when she has in fact followed in his footsteps. One lie after another. Destroying the reputation of another. This gets even better- her hunger for power, fame, and fortune. Her unbiblical choice to become a lead pastor of her own church brings her to lusting a position at the top. It only takes acts of drama, a false proclamation of her love for Christ, and false pretenses to win the respect form many. Hard work truly pays off and grants success to…

Those who don’t sin. Raven being the founder of a church that she could call her own was a great accomplishemnt in the eyes of many. She was granted fame and fortune. Little did she know that her church would one day collapse, just one brick at a time. God will not ket her sin successfully.



Book review: The Happiness Dare: Pursuing Your Heart’s Deepest, Holiest, and Most Vulnerable Desire

Author: Jennifer Dukes Lee

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Incoporated, 2016

Isbn: 1496411145, 9781496411143

Length: 304 pages

Subjects: Religon, Christian Life, Inspirational, Christian fiction, Spiritual growth and personal growth

Source: Library loan

I am a disclaimer of the summary.

Summary: Learn How To:

Overcome the four biggest obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness.

Understand the five happiness styles and how to maximize yours.

Find your happiness sweet spot- the place, relationship, or activity that gives you the greatest sense of well being.

Discover what you can do in just five minutes a day to be happier.

Join Jennifer in the pursuit of your truest most satisfied and Most faith-filled self.

My thoughts: Encouraging and most heartfelt. Written in casual and informal language, Lee relays the message of God’s desire of human happiness beautifully. How can we truly enjoy our God and all that He has given us if we ar never happy. It is not selfish not unbiblical to be happy. Who told you that you must have not rather than happiness? Happiness is beneficial  to our well being and we all find it within our own unique personalities as Lee reached us.

This is not to be treated as a light read. Rather a Bible study for those who are looking to grow both spiritually and personally.






The Best of Bible Studies

Every Bible study, I have completed has been of great spiritual value to me. I have always learned from the best teachers. However, there is one particular Bible study that I was able to relate to the most: Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Left Out Less Than and Lonely. Authored by Lysa Terkeurst and hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries, this study was rich with scriptures and teeming with practical real life examples. Terkeurts wrote this book with much love and care for her readers. The perfect book to read and study for all who have faced rejection and need to reach the arms of Jesus. I have felt left out less than, and lonely. As a result, I have learned to live loved. I hope Terkeurts imparts many valuable lessons on you just as she has with me.

Book review for Christy and Todd: The Baby Years Bk. 2: Salty Kisses

Title: Christy and Todd: The Baby Years Bk. 2 Salty Kisses

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Release date: April 3, 2017

Publisher: Robin’s Nest Productions, Inc.

Page count: 278

Genre: Christian fiction

Source: Library loan

I disclaim the following summary

Summary: Christy is elated when her best friend and favorite redhead arrives in Newport Beach. The reason for Katie’s journey from Kenya is complicated, but that doesn’t stop the two Peculiar Treasures from hoping for lots of of memorable catch up time.

Their plans keep getting altered and Christy can tell something is wrong. Katie isn’t herself. Add to that the ongoing demands Christy feels as the mother of a toddler along with her husband’s determination to not cancel their vacation plans. Nothing seems as it should.

The circumstances shift. Katie’s husband, Eli, arrives and the Surfin’ Safari plans are back on. Gussie the Bussie is ready for the trek up to the coast of Glenbroke, Oregon, with a stop along the way to see Sierra and her husband, Jordan. The reunions continue as they spend sun-filled days with Doug and Tracy, Alissa and Christy’s brother, David.

Why is that Christy’s heart feels so unsettled? It’s not because of the challenges of traveling and camping with a little one. It’s not because they left Eli and Katie in Newport Beach awaiting their return. It’s the realization that everyone she knows has changed. What does friendship mean in the season of life?

Christy finds out as she celebrates her twenty-ninth birthday with her true friend followed by a string of hellos, good-byes, and many God-blessed salty kisses.

My thoughts:

The Forever Friends made it through their challenging high school years, experienced the great joy early adulthood brings during their college years, promised one another until death do they part and now….

The Baby Years. Christy and Todd are both the proud parents of a toddler named Hana Juliet Spencer. After episodes of nausea, cravings, fatigue, movements within the womb, discomfort, and great labor pains- Christy has brought forth a Peculiar Treasure. My credit goes towards Gunn as she portrays a strong, healthy Christian marriage that undergoes the change of becoming new parents. Rather than creating a ideal of fantasy of motherhood, readers are given a a dose of reality.  Toddler tears and tantrums, and family duties are all apart of a new season of life.

Blessings to Christy’s friends as they experience God’s goodness to them. May the good Lord Jesus shower Robin Jones Gunn with much love, hugs, and salty kisses as her writing schedule keeps her on her sandy toes.

I am very excited to read her final installment in the Baby Years: Sunset Lullaby.