O Come Emmanuel

Tis the season of Advent, a joyful time of new beginnings. The Messiah, The Prince of Peace, and our Savior has been born. Flesh and blood in a lowly manger born to, by today’s standards, a teenage mother who became pregnant before her wedding day. Where was the father? We all knew that the man his mother was betrothed to marry was thirty years old and a carpenter, and most certainly not the father of her baby boy. Yet, they traveled to Bethlehem knocking on each and every door of every inn asking for a place to lay for the night. Unfortunately, the man and his wife were denied by one innkeeper after another for the very reason that no vacancy was available. Mary, the expectant mother and wife of the three decade old carpenter, Joseph, must have suffered from pain and discomfort throughout the night. Her round belly bulging through her tunic, ankles swollen as big as grapefruit, and weary from traveling. She and Joseph were finally settled in a manger. Mary delivered her baby boy that very night. Without the conveniences of modern medicine, she brought forth the Messiah through the great pain of labor. Jesus was born of a Virgin on Christmas Day. When she kissed her precious little baby, she had kissed God’s face. Oh she cradled him and nursed him. Mary raised and nurtured The Great I Am. The one who raised the dead, forgave the guilty, healed the sick, and fed the hungry. Oh how her heart must have broke at the sight of her precious son dying on the cross! Did she shake with sobs at her broken and bloody child? Devastation, pain, and brokeness? I have no idea. All I know is that God’s promise has been fulfilled. And I look forward to Jesus’s second coming. I celebrate the first and second coming of Jesus Christ through Max Lucado’s book: Because of Bethlehem.



Recent Holiday Reads

Good afternoon, my fellow readers! Take a look at the short list of Christmas books I have read recently, and see what book you think might find to be interesting

  1. Christmas At Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel by Jenny Colgan- A delicious and delightful holiday romance that will warm the heart and ignite the Christmas spirit in all both young and old. Most ideal for avid readers of women’s fiction and romance.
  2. Dickens and His Carol- by Samantha Silva- A most unique and quite entertaining piece of fiction that shares the personal life of British novelist, Charles Dickens, as he experiences writer’s block before creating the most beloved Christmas classic of all time
  3. A Gift To Last: Two Heartwarming Holiday Stories-by Debbie Macomber- Love is in the air, and not just on Valentine’s Day. Macomber interweaves love and romance in the glorious season of giving, peace, and sharing. Whether it may be the sahring of two hearts, the giving of oneself to another willingly and most unselfishly, or uniting with one another at long last.
  4. Christmas In Smowflake Canyon- RaeAnne Thayne- Christmas is full of unexpected surprises. Sometimes we already know what we desire and hope to find it in the most tangible way possible. Other times, we find things that we never thought we would be expecting. It is a gift that cannot be found under the Christmas tree, either.

Reviewing, Reviewing, Reviewing All I Read Christmas Books Are For Reviewing

As we approach the holiday season, many of us are studying for our final exams, baking cookies, preparing for vacation, writing Christmas lists, and telling our children stories about Santa Claus, we all need a good piece of fiction that celebrates the joy and good tidings of this holiday season. I know I am very behind with my work as a book review blogger, and I greatly apologize for that. However, a lot has been happening with me lately. Interviews, volunteer tours, and job search. I am a Starving Author looking for work. I pray that this week, I will be given a phone call by a hiring manager inviting me to continue with the hiring process.

I hope my commentary on Christmas literature and leisure fiction incited enthusiasm amongst you all. I will be more than happy to accept book review requests.

When God’s Presence Is Acknoweledged In Fiction

The Lord has given and taken much away from me. Needless to say, He is almighty, omnipresent, will never leave nor forsake me. I must delight myself in Him for He will bring me the desired of my heart. I must say my season of waiting is about to come to an end for He has opened many doors, just as he has closed many others. Just as I acknoweledge the presence of God in my times of happiness and joy or sadness and despair, I always find it to be a divinely blissful to see God acknowledged in a piece of fiction. Recently, I read two books(expect reviews on them) where He was given recognition from His people.

1.Egypt’s Sister by Angela Hunt

2. Best Friends Forever by Kimberla Lawson Roby

Even in the midst of struggles, trials, betrayal, and sickness, hope does not abandon us. For the Lord has poured out His love onto us. Blessings and promises come from all hardships.

Good News For A Starving Author

Good afternoon, this week has been a good week. I know that the Good Lord has opened doors for me, and I hope that He doesn’t close any one of them. However, all that He does is for my benefit and well being, not to serve my pleasures. He gives me what I want and need in alignment with His will. He has my best interest at heart.

Let me begin with a completion of a Directional Bible study, and the start of a new one.

I have a job interview as a tutor.

I ate a birthday lunch at Habit Burger with two budding friends of mine.

One of my budding friends invited me to an event at Lynn University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

I may be attending aWorship night this November.

Opportunities for me to grow and flourish. One step at a time.


Book Review: Sexy Girls

Title: Sexy Girls: How Hot Is Too Hot?

Author: Hayley DiMarco

Publisher: Fleming H. Revell( a division of Baker Publishing Group)

Publication date: October 2006

Length: 153 pages

Source: Amazon

Publisher’s Summary:

“If It Ain’t On The Menu, Keep It Covered Up!”

Let’s get real. You wanna look good. If you’re like most girls, you want the attention of  the opposite sex. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that looking sexy is supposedly key to being today’s “it” girl.

But have you stopped to consider that you’re advertising with every outfit you put on? It’s all marketing. Your clothes tell the world(including those visual creatures called guys) just who you think you are.

Just because skin is in doesn’t mean you have to let it all hang out to look great. Sexy Girls is all about helping you understand your body and how guys look at it. (And they are looking!) It explores why God cares about what’s in your closet and helps you make good decisions on style that will keep you, your parents, and God all satisfied.

My thoughts: Biblically sound advice for a teenage girl. This book will guide every young lady on a honorable, sexually pure, and decent path to a stronger relationship with Christ. Bare midriffs, low rise pants, and belly button rings are irrestible to teenage girls. Any article of clothing to enhance their sex appeal. Especially when it is “sexy” and in fashion.

Without any understanding of their sexuality, the ramifications of their porr clothing decisions, and how they are viewed by the opposite sex, many young girls run into arguments with their parents and have many confusing disagreements with their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. In her honest and very informal style of writing, DiMarco helps girls understand their bodies and how they are sexual creatures, the male perspective on female sexuality while providing biblical insight. I remember when I read first read this book at the age of fourteen, without realizing just how much I had to learn.

This is a perfect candidate for a Bible study or book discussion. I would be more than happy to have a Bible study on Sexy Girls or start