Biography: Writing is my passion and perhaps my greatest gift. Besides being a beloved child of God and a future wife and mother, there is no greater joy than putting pen to paper. Putting pen to paper isn’t always easy, but it’s most certainly easier than achieving status as a published writer. I look forward to the day my work gets accepted. In the meantime, I never cease to write. An autodidact, a strong Christian, an adult, a future homemaker, a soon to be speaker, a volunteer, a supporter, and a Bible teacher are all many different ways I label many goals and dreams. In many ways, my goals and dreams reflect my writing and personal life. Business woman? No. A well-known writer? Yes, I will become one. A wife/homemaker and mother? I really do hope so. I currently live in South Florida with my family while I look for an apartment.

My story: I discovered my dream to be a writer when I was in the first grade. My teacher would give me a picture from a magazine, and tell me to write a “story.” My “story” was merely a description of what I saw in the picture or what I imagined about the picture. All the same, they were my very first endeavors as a very new writer. From that time on it was my dream to be a young published author. Ideas would flow through my brain, as I wrote them on paper. Fresh, original, and very creative! However, none of my pieces have been published. After a year of sending out query letters to literary agents and magazines, I still haven’t sold a single work. However, I keep myself on my toes waiting for the day I become published.