Sometimes I smile with sadness and delight as I remember all of the books I have read as a child. I was once of an age when I could read these books without stunting myself intellectually. Yet, I will never outgrow the pleasure I have derived form reading nay of these books. In fact, I will gladly reread and review these books. Let us all recapture the memories of youth, innocence, and imagination.

  1. The Harry Potter series- How can this be a children’s book when it appeals to everyone of all ages?
  2. The Little House On The Prairie series- Laura Ingalls Wilder- Must I add that I strongly recommend reading the Martha Morse, Charlotte Lewis, Caroline Quiner, and  Rose Wilder series? The lives of her family are just as interesting
  3. Robert McClosky
  4. Beverly Cleary_ Life with Ramona Quimby was never dull
  5. Little Bear by Maurice Sendak
  6. Walt Disney book collection
  7. The American Girl series_ A fun introduction to American history
  8. Girls of Many Lands series American Girl
  9. The Droon series by Tony Abbott
  10. The Royal Diaries sderies
  11. Dear America series
  12. The Misadventures of Maude March by Audrey Coulombis
  13. Maude March on The Run- Audrey Columbis
  14. Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
  15. The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson

II would be more than happy to accpt any book review requests from anybody. IIt is a shame to see an absence of books ina child’s life, particularly in this digital age. I will be more than happy to encourage children to turn off their televisions video games,a nd ipads, and open a good book. A book in print that is. To all adults, may you be filled with warm and delightful memories.


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