Title: Christy and Todd: The Baby Years Bk. 2 Salty Kisses

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Release date: April 3, 2017

Publisher: Robin’s Nest Productions, Inc.

Page count: 278

Genre: Christian fiction

Source: Library loan

I disclaim the following summary

Summary: Christy is elated when her best friend and favorite redhead arrives in Newport Beach. The reason for Katie’s journey from Kenya is complicated, but that doesn’t stop the two Peculiar Treasures from hoping for lots of of memorable catch up time.

Their plans keep getting altered and Christy can tell something is wrong. Katie isn’t herself. Add to that the ongoing demands Christy feels as the mother of a toddler along with her husband’s determination to not cancel their vacation plans. Nothing seems as it should.

The circumstances shift. Katie’s husband, Eli, arrives and the Surfin’ Safari plans are back on. Gussie the Bussie is ready for the trek up to the coast of Glenbroke, Oregon, with a stop along the way to see Sierra and her husband, Jordan. The reunions continue as they spend sun-filled days with Doug and Tracy, Alissa and Christy’s brother, David.

Why is that Christy’s heart feels so unsettled? It’s not because of the challenges of traveling and camping with a little one. It’s not because they left Eli and Katie in Newport Beach awaiting their return. It’s the realization that everyone she knows has changed. What does friendship mean in the season of life?

Christy finds out as she celebrates her twenty-ninth birthday with her true friend followed by a string of hellos, good-byes, and many God-blessed salty kisses.

My thoughts:

The Forever Friends made it through their challenging high school years, experienced the great joy early adulthood brings during their college years, promised one another until death do they part and now….

The Baby Years. Christy and Todd are both the proud parents of a toddler named Hana Juliet Spencer. After episodes of nausea, cravings, fatigue, movements within the womb, discomfort, and great labor pains- Christy has brought forth a Peculiar Treasure. My credit goes towards Gunn as she portrays a strong, healthy Christian marriage that undergoes the change of becoming new parents. Rather than creating a ideal of fantasy of motherhood, readers are given a a dose of reality.  Toddler tears and tantrums, and family duties are all apart of a new season of life.

Blessings to Christy’s friends as they experience God’s goodness to them. May the good Lord Jesus shower Robin Jones Gunn with much love, hugs, and salty kisses as her writing schedule keeps her on her sandy toes.

I am very excited to read her final installment in the Baby Years: Sunset Lullaby.


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