As some of you may already know(if you have read my About page), I am an autodidact. Since I was in need of more direction, I decided to read The Well Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer, and I find it to be very instructive and informative. Besides, I am learning from somebody else who is an autodidact.

In place of a college degree, I choose self study for personal reasons of my own. A person must earn an education with or without a college degree. How can a person become enriched and make the most keen observations of the world around him without an education? I am not opposed to a college education at all. In fact, college degrees are very useful in this competitive job market. Yet, on the contrary there are some jobs that don’t require a college degree. Self employment is definitely an option. Allow me to address the common arguments against self education. “You are not going to get a job without a college degree or You need a degree to make yourself marketable.” “Self education is stupid, You will only come up short, or you need a teacher to enable you to maintain discipline.” Although these arguments are subject to be weighed in, people often take a very dogmatic and judgmental approach towards the matter. Now, that is not to say that differences of opinion are unwelcome to me. How about look at the other side and see how it will reap great benefits.

I have also heard the argument that self education cannot lead anyone to being self made, but Bill Gates was only one example, and that his success was only fit for a different era. Is that so? Can a person not use his intellect, ingenuity or originality in any and every era? Intellect is timeless. An autodidact is a individual of the mind. Individuals of the mind have much to contribute to society. They are always learning and always developing.


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