In order to experience some of life’s changes, a person must learn from another. One of the best ways to learn from another is to read. In this case, I am referring to life and the outside world, as well as how the individual is affected by those circumstances.

I, a twenty year old adult, have much to sat on this matter. Allow me to use my quarter life crisis as an example of how I was affected by life and the outside world. I’m also going to explore how I experienced a change in life by learning from somebody else. This person also happened to be a life coach and an author.

As I was approaching my twentieth birthday, I anticipated the much desired and appealing aspects that accompany the twenties. My plans were all laid out. Twenty was going to be one of the best years of my adult life, after eighteen and just before the milestone age if twenty-one. Unfortunately, my plans fell through, and my life took a very different direction. There were moments when doubt would whisper in my ear or I would despair. Overall, I was determined. I had a dream. Yet, I needed reassurance and relatability. Christine Hassler was the lady who met those two needs of mine. Many others between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine shares similar feelings and experiences, too. 20 Something Manifesto: Quarter Lifers Speak Out About What They Are, What They Want, and How To Get It is a recommended book for everybody in his or her twenties. Pleas read my previous post which is under the same title, for a minimal background of the book itself. Anyway, this book changed my attitude and perspective about adult life in numerous ways. It was enlightening for me to see other adults ride the same boat me. 



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