Written by: Melody Carlson

Length: 303

Published by: Revell  2016

Book review, Inspirational fiction

Publisher’s Summary:

She’s ready to take on a new challenge. What she doesn’t expect is an old flame.

Tia D’Amico is thrilled to move to San Francisco to help her aunt transform an old luxury yacht into an upscale floating restaurant. What’s not to love? Sunset dinner cruises, posh wedding receptions-the possibilities are endless and far more appetizing than staying in a monotonous job in her Podunk hometown. Besides, some of her best memories are tied to San Francisco -especially the memory of Leo Parker, her crush from a long-ago sailing camp.

When Leo Parker himself turns out to be the yacht’s captain, Tia is floating on air. But will it all come crashing down around her when she discovers his heart belonging to someone else?

Get ready for a romantic summer in San Francisco, where the future glistens brighter than the Bay at sunset.

My thoughts:

A very unexpected romantic encounter. How many women expect to be reunited with their childhood crushes in their adulthood? Tia is fortunate to face that encounter. A twenty-five year old woman who dreams of owning her own restaurant, and a daughter of two divorced parents, does not know that life has more to offer her than she actually realizes. It is unfortunate, that Leo’s heart belongs to someone else. All the same, it is almost impossible for Tia to keep her feet on the ground. Doesn’t every woman float in the air when she is in love? That is a question I need answered since I have never been in love. Tia’s talent as an Italian cook adds an abstract element in the story. The way Carlson describes those Italian dishes arouses hunger and food cravings for any reader. Carlson’s creativity parallels with her straightforward and natural way of writing. This easy read offers entertainment and heartwarming feelings to all women who happen to stumble along this book.

This is the second book in the Follow Your Heart series, so I would strongly recommend you read Once Upon A Summertime first. And another thing, Carlson will be releasing a third book in this series Summer of 2017. Pleas expect a book review written on that book by me.



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