Australian student and lifestyle blogger Jessica Riga bakes and decorates festive brownies for this day of love.

via ♡ Valentine’s Day Brownies ♡ — Discover

This is a Disclaimer!

Happy Valentine’s Day my fellow readers! I know many of you grown ups have dates planned for the evening while children are enjoying Valentine’s Day class parties. My father once said that sweethearts are for grownups while candy is for children. Candy and sweethearts are both for adults. As a an adult woman, I still savor candy hearts and homemade iced sugar cookies in the shape of hearts.However, I wish I did have a date tonight. Just like he would be taking me out for dinner, I would be giving him these delicious brownies. This a day of love, and I would love to celebrate our first date with this recipe. Tonight, I am going to curl up with a delicious dessert and a romance novel. I know there may be a time when I spend this holiday with my husband. Only then, will I have the opportunity to bring out sexy red lingerie and enjoy great sex with him. Being single on this day is definitely worth my waiting for the possibility of those delightful memories we make on Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, I choose to live loved on this very day by Jesus Christ. No kisses, no dinner, no romance, no flowers, and certainly no intimacy. But, grace and mercy are what I need to be fulfiiled. I invite every single man and woman to live loved by Jesus Christ not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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