Good Times – Christmas Will Be Back

Christmas may be over and that’s bumming out a lot of people, including Thommy Tune. Luckily, Karli’s knows just how to cheer up the world!

Source: Good Times – Christmas Will Be Back

Once again, I swear up and down that I am a disclaimer. I am not the original author of this post which is another post, I really like. Personally, I find this post to be very reassuring, and quite comforting. Yes, Christmas will come again. After all, it is an annual holiday. I understand that it is very easy to have an emotional attachment to it. What other holiday is overflowing with merriness, excitement, and joy? Only Christmas provides us with the many opportunities to bake, cook, host parties, read Christmas themed books, watch Christmas themed movies, and adorn our homes and offices with Christmas lights, wreaths, stuffed Santas, and beautiful Nativity sets for an entire month. I know it is easy to adopt the childlike mindset that Christmas should last all year. However, we need to become adults and realize that we need to allow God to take us through new seasons of life. If Christmas was to last all year, God’s power would be at complete rest. The first Christmas began as a beacon of hope. That was God’s first step in revealing His promise to His people. It would be impossible for Jesus to grow into a man who would begin his ministry, and walk the earth, and eventually be crucified if time had not progressed past Christmas. We are taken through different seasons of life so we can see the new plans God has for us, and oftentimes experience moments of trial. With new seasons, we can grow and mature in our faith, that way we are ready to go to our Father in heaven. I am confident that the best Christmas celebrations we have will be in heaven with Jesus.


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