Chicken Soup For The Soul Merry Christmas: 101 Joyous Holiday Stories by Amy Newmark Foreword by Santa Claus

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Andy Williams sings, as we all are all gay and lively during the Christmas season. Where does that joy and wonder come from? The feelings of eagerness and enthusiasm, of course. Now, why do people feel eager and enthusiastic during the holiday season? Many reasons. However, it is absolutely important to remember to feel eager about singing Christmas carols to the sick or elderly just as we are eager to write a Christmas list. Please display the same genuine enthusiasm towards reading the Christmas story in the book of Luke(New Testament) just as you would reading The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This book celebrates the heartwarming memories of Christmas, and delights in the entertainment that also accompanies the special holiday.

Stories of love, perspective, and generosity are all to be savored for their rich delight. Some will warm your heart or motivate you to embody the Christmas spirit. Others may leave you in tears. All the same, there is a lot to be gained from reading short story collection. Not to mention, a very refreshing perspective from Santa Claus can be found in the Foreword. Isn’t it always a treat to hear from Santa Claus? Especially, when he lives in the North Pole. It’s a shame that he only comes on Christmas Eve night. That still doesn’t make a difference either, seeing that he won’t allow anybody to see him. You have to be tucked in your bed fast asleep while he fills your stocking and places presents underneath your Christmas tree.

One of my favorite stories in the book was titled: Counting Down To Christmas. The loss of a mother is very devastating, and it becomes a pain that can never be healed, but this family celebrated Christmas one week after her death, as one united family. God bless that family. The mother of the author of Counting Down To Christmas must be smiling down from Heaven. This is a very strong reminder of Donna VanLiere’s novella “The Christmas Shoes.” That too was a very sad and beautiful story of a woman who was terminally ill and was prepared to live with Jesus for eternity. It is upon my recommendation that you all listen to Newsong’s “Christmas Shoes” on Youtube.


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