I assume everybody remembers the popularity of Harry Potter around the the time of the late nineties through the middle to late 2000’s. All that merchandise you found at department stores and drugstores, the beautifully illustrated novels on open display at Barnes and Noble, and the library parties that would celebrate the excitement and joy that Harry Potter brought to everyone of all ages. My, I can remember walking around Walgreens with my family at the age of five to see Harry Potter towels, toothpaste, and band aids in nearly every aisle of the store. It is a shame I was too young to enjoy it during that time. Thank goodness, it still has some popularity by the time I was old enough to obsessively appreciate it. My Harry Potter obsession is also the source of amusement for my family.

Twelve years ago, a wizard murdered twelve people with just a single killing curse. He was sentenced to Azkaban until the end of his days. Now, he has broken free from his frighteningly dreary prison. A ruthless killer is on the loose, and is ready to strike at anybody who comes in his path. They know he is after one person. They have heard him talking in his sleep about it. The exact words are: “He’s at Hogwarts, he’s at Hogwarts.” His name is Sirius Black, and he is a supporter of Lord Voldemort. How he managed to escape from the most secure prison in the wizarding world is beyond baffling. Moreover, he’s on the hunt for young Harry Potter. Harry now comes to accept the reality that his own life is at risk, and even behind the walls of Hogwarts he knows he isn’t safe. Rowling has added more twists and turns to a darker plot now that her protagonist has reached adolescenthood. The marauders map, the Firebolt, the black dog, Scabbers, a forced entry into the Gryffindor common room, and Peter Pettigrew’s lone finger were all excellent loopholes for her story. Quite frankly, they fooled the reader as well as Harry Potter and many others that Sirius Black was a mad man murderer. Turns out that Peter Pettigrew had done a phenomenal job framing Black for murder. In reality, he was the one who had faked his won death, and lived his life as a rat for twelve years. The rising complexity of the plot is absolutely unbelievable. J.K. Rowling has a great gift as storyteller. Who would’ve dreamed of an intricate and fantastical story of a teenage wizard?

The elements of the story are also incredibly mind blowing. Mrs. Rowling, I must give my hats off to you for your ingenuity. Character names and spells are derivative from the Latin and Greek languages. That became a very big source of inspiration for me as  a writer, seeing that I use Literature as my muse. Not to mention, Rowling is a very talented and well read writer.





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