What if your dream job actually turned out to be a living hell?

Just imagine that you are twenty three years old, fresh out of college, and you are able to quickly land your dream job after your very job interview. It is the dream of every college graduate to land his her or ideal job shortly after graduation and only one job interview. However, it is unfortunate that it doesn’t always work out that way. On the other hand, Andrea Sachs succeeds in obtaining the perfect job almost every woman dreams of having. Being hired as an assistant to the editor Miranda Priestly, Andrea finds herself surrounded by fashionably and impeccably dressed business professionals. How fitting, seeing that Andrea works for the editor of Runway magazine. Fashion is every where in sight. Versace, Prada, and Jimmy Choo! What more could you as an employee ask for? With Miranda Priestly’s personality, Andrea can raise her expectations with very good reason. It would be an absolutely terrifying nightmare to be a employed by a demanding boss who expects you to pre- order two individual copies of the newest Harry Potter books to her daughters who live in Paris to taking the orders she shouts to you over the phone. And believe Andrea, most of the orders she gives her are not even work related. At this point, Andrea can now ask is she a slave or an employee? She will not deny that she is a slave to her own boss. All the same she is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve further viable goals. Things further escalate from merely unacceptable to downright outrageous. Is this job worth sacrificing self esteem and self respect? Now, do you think this is an ideal job? This goes to show that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Reading this book made me grateful that my older sister has her dream job that accompanies a reasonable boss.

All the same, Lauren Weisberger narrates this relaxing and entertaining read in Andrea’s casual and refreshingly disarming voice while tracing the deep and dark view of life at the top position that only many have dreamed of. This sudden twist of irony covers the entire plot while giving more personality to Miranda Priestly and Andrea Sachs than any other character n the book.



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