Halloween is not only just for children and teenagers. Adults go to Halloween parties and fall festivals, too. No, celebrations are not only restricted to young adults among the age range 18-25. Older adults should feel free to attend, as well. To tell you the truth, I wish I was attending one myself tonight. I had quite a few costume ideas in mind, too. Anyway, I am quite sure many married couples are attending Halloween parties themselves tonight. If I was married, I would be glad to take the opportunity to enjoy a night with just my husband. Wouldn’t it be so romantic and perhaps very endearing if we reminded ourselves of our wedding ceremony. I would be dressed as a bride, and he would be my groom. How fitting would it be if we both renewed our vows that very night. Of course, I would have other costume ideas in mind. As a wife, I want to love my husband more than I enjoy the dates we have. It is unfortunate that many women appreciate the time they spend with their husbands more than they enjoy their husbands. Other times, women just like to mistreat their husbands simply because they are unselfish or unkind. Thankfully, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has taught me some of the principles of being a good wife. I strongly recommend this to any married woman who has troubles in her marriage or any unmarried woman because I think she might learn from the experiences of others.


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