Have you ever told anybody you want to be a writer? If you answered yes, and you have received “friendly” advice from somebody else then you need to make sure this person has experience in your field of expertise. This person may mean well, but the question is what does he or she know about becoming a published writer? That isn’t to say that the person never has anything of good value to say. It is just something he or she has never experienced. Would you ask a doctor how to pass medical school? Yes,  It is obviously illegal to practice medicine without a diploma in the United States of America. But, would you ask a doctor how to be a well rounded news reporter? The point is take advice from somebody who has had that same experience as you are looking for. The same thing applies to being a writer. Thank goodness, I was told the same thing.  I know many of you who are aspiring writers have heard “Oh, you need to get a degree, Make yourself marketable, and Writers’ Workshops are for writers’ who have attended college and only want to hone their skills.” Believe me,  I have heard it myself. The best advice I can give any aspiring writer of any age will be read, write, and take writing classes/audit English Lit, English Comp, and Creative Writing courses. I will admit I still need further experience. But, I was more than happy to share what I learned from my own experiences. Remember, useless writing advice only comes from people are not writers themselves.


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